Painted our kitchen

Last week I painted our kitchen a beautiful shade of pink. While not even a year ago all the walls in our house were white, there are very few white walls left. One of them was our kitchen and I had the wish to paint that room for a while now. I’ve always loved white walls, but ever since I discovered how much color can do for a room, I’m hooked. So, our kitchen needed some color at last.

I used shade “Karton” from Histor and to be exact: from their Histor Clean line. You can imagine that our walls have quite the hard time with a toddler around. Especially when I’m cooking – she’s usually tired at the end of the day and wants to be as close to me as possible. I try to entertain her but having toys around in our not-too-big-of-a-kitchen meant the walls could use an update after 3 years.

Histor Clean paint means that you can basically do anything with your walls, and it’s all removable. Wanna throw a tomato on them? Sure. Wanna keep your toddler entertained with pencils while you cook? It’s all good. You simple take a wet cloth and wipe it off. We’ve tried it and you can take it all off, really.

I would totally understand if you think this is the same color as our livingroom, but it’s not! It’s a shade darker and a bit muddier. Exactly what I wanted. I was a bit hesitant choosing a color that would fit the brick wall. It should work next to it, and not take the spotlight away from it. So I ended up with this shade and let’s be honest: a little pink never hurt nobody, right?

White areas always look so much better when next to color. It draws attention to the white, so these shiny white tiles are even prettier now.

The same goes for door and window frames, they just stand out much better against a colored wall.

So that was another round through our kitchen! I am so happy with the colored walls and the practicality of this paint. Make sure to check out my Instagram, I’ve posted evidence of how well this paint works.

This post is sponsored by Histor. I only collaborate with brands I love <3

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  1. Mooie kleur.

    Ik ben benieuwd of het bestand zou zijn tegen rolstoelstrepen. Wij maken hopelijk dit jaar onze keuken en slaapkamer af en dan is de gang een keer aan de beurt, maar de hele onderkant zit vol met zwarte strepen van waar mijn rolstoel er een keer tegenaan gestoten is. Dit zou een mooi alternatief kunnen zijn voor de boel zwart schilderen…

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