Our house in VTWonen!

Can I get a iieeek? Our house featured in VTWonen this month. A dream come true!

Over 4 years ago I started this interior blog. On a rainy Sunday afternoon I decided that my love for interior could use a platform and I impulsively started a blog. A love for interior combined with love for photography, nothing more to it than that. And up until this day it still feels like a hobby out of love, despite it being grown into a company. Today this blog and my photography is my job, and I’m living the dream. That moment I started my blog I set myself 1 goal: to get published in VTWonen. Just for fun, but a little serious at the same time. So yes, I hereby announce my retirement. Nah, just kidding. But it is just so cool to see our house published in a magazine. I am proud, grateful, humbled, all at the same time.

A big thank you is in order to Hans Mossel & Sabine Burbunk of Studio Lumino, the photographer and stylist that made our house as pretty as you see it in VTWonen now. Such nice people and I felt so involved in the process. Of course they changed some parts of our house, but all within our style and they let me be a part of it. Thank you guys!
A second thank you goes to Seline Steba for making the interview even better than I imagined. She described our journey of buying, renovating and loving our house so nice! So a thank you to you as well, Seline.

I wanted to write a quick post on this and share my personal favorites from this shoot. I could pick all of them cause I love all of them, but you really should see the whole spread yourself. These are my 4 faves <3
Photo: Hans Mossel
How could this not be my number 1 photo! My loves, my family, I love them and I love this photo

Photo: Hans Mossel

Photo: Hans Mossel

Photo: Hans Mossel

I love these photos because they are so “us/our house” but styled with a professional eye, attention to detail and love for the job. Thanks again, Hans & Sabine!

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