Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Babywearing keepsake

As you might know, I wore our daughter Mia (now 2,5) a lot in wraps. Babywearing became a big part of our life when she was little and as she is growing older this naturally has reached it’s end. We still have a carrier we use, but obviously not as much as when she was a baby. I was thinking about creating a keepsake to remember these special babywearing days for some time and am so excited to show you the result today! You can imagine there are loads of options with these woven fabrics, but I wanted to find something that would suit our lifestyle best. Now before I get into those details, let’s share my favorite babywearing photos ♥

So as I said, there are lots of options to make out of these beautiful wraps. You can think of stuffed animals, bags, wallets, jackets, and the list goes on. I was very tempted by a lot of those options, but when I saw some cushions made out of wraps, I knew that would be the perfect option for us. As an interior blogger, I loved the idea of something interior-related. And next to that, the idea of having something both for us ánd for Mia really spoke to me as well. So, cushions it should be.

I asked for advice via my Instagram and ended up with Nofruit. I contacted them and they were so enthusiastic about my idea of these keepsake cushions. After looking into the possibilities we decided on 2 square cushions, and I love them. Let’s see some more of them :)

These cushions are 63×63 and they are the perfect size. I love the idea of 2 cushions, since they can be used separately – or together as a bed.

While we love the cushions together as an extra seat or for our feet, Mia loves making a doll bed out of them, or treat them as a wipe out zone, ha. We are very happy with them!

And last but not least I thought I’d share some tips in case you’re thinking of doing the same:

  • This is a size 6 wrap, and was enough to make two cushions out of.
  • I would suggest to do this with a sturdy blend wrap, as you want it to be foolproof for playing and using. In other words for experts; no pull prone wraps ;) I used a cotton/linen blend and this is a great option.
  • These cushions are 63x63cm and I would suggest thinking about the purpose of these cushions before you decide on size. For us this size is perfect, but you can of course also think about doing one big cushion instead, and make some sort of daybed out of it. Oh all the options!

If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them! And a big thanks to Nofruit, for being as enthusiastic about this project as I was. And if you decide on making these as well, please let me know as I would love to hear and see them! Have a great day and thank you for reading ♥



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