Kids storage

Having kids comes with a lot of stuff – and when I say a lot I mean a LOT! So let’s talk about kids storage today. I always receive a lot of questions via my Instagram how I keep a tidy house with our 1,5 year old daughter Mia around, and keep it looking pretty as well. So I thought I’d write a post about it and show you in photos how we do it.

Because interior is a great passion of mine, it’s important to me what my house looks like. Therefor it can be a bit frustrating realizing that when you have kids, a big part of your interior will be taken over by toys. It’s just the interior part, because obviously I have no problem with Mia playing, making a mess and feeling at home. But I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable in a house that has been taken over by kids (toys). You should all feel at home in it, so find the solution that fits you. A long story short, here are my tips and experiences.

This is how I would style it for a blogpost. Displaying the pretty toys in sight and everything else hidden in that Ikea Besta cabinet and in the baskets on top. That Besta cabinet used to be our TV cabinet, but since we ditched the TV it turned out to be the perfect kids storage item. It works really well in the livingroom because the other side of the fireplace features the same cabinets. I am a sucker for symmetry, I guess.

Before Mia goes to bed we clean up meaning we put all the toys back in the cabinet and baskets, put the baby stroller in the corner and the livingroom is ours again :)

I feel kids usually only play with a few toys, so for now this cabinet is big enough. In her room we have another big basket that we keep toys in, and every now and then I switch the toys so she has new stuff to play with. On the other side of the wall we have her kitchen, which can also store some toys. Blogged about it last week, and it’s here.

So that’s how we do it! During the day our livingroom is Mia’s playground, and when she’s sleeping, the room is ours again. Everything (well, almost) out of sight. Keeping the inner neat freak happy! And because I know you will love seeing this..

2 minutes of Mia and it looks like this :)

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