A while ago I asked for some advice on my Instagram from my fellow moms. The question: which bicycles are suitable for our 18-month old daughter Mia? I got a lot of response, and while a bit overwhelming at first, very helpful in the end! I received a lot of options I hadn’t heard of before, which is a good thing. I received photos and movie clips of kids enjoying their bike and I enjoyed those on my part. It really helped in our decision making so a thank you is in order :)

The “problem” with balance bikes is that they usually are made for 2-year old kids and up. And because our daughter is small for her age, I would guess it wouldn’t even fit after her 2nd birthday yet. We’ve tried one of those bikes but it was WAY too big for her. So we continued our quest for the perfect balance bike and Instagram was a great help as usual. We eventually chose the Trybike and I’ve decided to share some photos of it on the blog, and let you know why in the end we chose this one.

Let’s talk about the looks first. Doesn’t it look cool? I love this vintage vibe it has, accentuated by the red color and design of the wheels. Combined with the brown steer and saddle I loved this one the most when it comes to looks. This brand also sells a wooden version that looks really good, but I just fell for this red steel version.

But of course a bigger part in the final decision was how long we were able to use it. Because Mia is small, it had to be suitable from now on, but I wanted it to last for some time as well. Because this bike can be transformed into a 2-weeled bike, it can last up to 6 years. So maybe we will be as lucky as 4,5 years of fun with this bike, yay!

So like I said this bike can be transformed. For now Mia uses it as a Trybike (what’s in a name) and later on we can turn it into a regular balance bike. I’m very curious when we can do that, because I have to say: she nailed this balancing/cycling thing the very first time I put her on. She is just very much into physical activities so my guess that she would like a bike, turned out to be right. She immediately knew how to walk and steer at the same time and make it work. I know I’m her mom but.. Isn’t that cool?

“You coming mom?”

So, I hope you liked seeing our walk through the park with our new Trybike and reading about how we decided which bike we should get. This one has been a huge success in our house so far, so I can only recommend trying it for yourself. If you have any questions left: don’t be afraid to ask! Thank you for reading :)

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