Our love story

Today is our anniversary. We got married on the day we were together for 5 years, so today marks our 8th year together and our 3rd wedding anniversary. I’m happy to report that we survived that infamous 7-year itch! We joked about it last year, I mean – statistics don’t lie – but we survived. I am very happy to have found my husband 8 years ago and I’m hoping for many more years to come. I thought it would be a nice idea to write a post on the blog on our love story and how we met.

We met around 12 years ago, so a long time before we really “got together”. We actually dated for some time when we just met, but it didn’t work out and our lives separated. We met when we were playing in the same band, he was the guitar player and I was the singer. While it took us some time to start dating, we did really like each other from the beginning. We always had that certain chemistry between us. But life happened and our dating adventure only lasted during the summer. In the years after that I studied in a different city so we didn’t see each other that much. Sometimes we ran into each other and always had that *spark*. During those years we even kissed on a kinda-drunk party, but again our lives separated after that. But, a few years later we ran into each other multiple times in one week. And we just couldn’t deny we liked each other, a lot. And then the honest version of that week goes like this: on day 4 we got drunk enough to not care if it would ruin our friendship and that was that. Sometimes all you need is a little booze. We haven’t left eachothers side since then and that is 8 years ago today. I always loved the saying that says “if you’re made for each other, you will end up together” and it feels really cool that this is our story. In the end, we found each other again and I’m so happy we did!

It always feels somewhat weird to write about these years, because our life is so different now. We have a 1,5 year old daughter and thinking about the time when it was just the two of us feels.. well, strange. But while it is strange, I always have warm feelings thinking of those early days, where it was just the two of us. When we would go away on the weekends, and visit cities we love. Those were great times for sure.

My husband. I don’t like the “soulmate” term, but he really is. He has the biggest heart of all the people I know and how could I not love him for marrying me and giving us this gorgeous little human being that is our daughter. He is kind, wishes others nothing but the best and I truly believe the world would be a better place if more people were like him. I do my business on my own and I love that, but I also love discussing my thoughts and ideas with him and while I might always take my own decision, I love that he always listens. Yes, I love (everything about) him.

3 years ago today we got married, and to us it was a beautiful day. The weather was great, the company was great. What surprised us most on this day was the love you receive from the people around you. Getting married is apparently a great day to tell the marrying couple you love them. It felt so special for us, to receive all this love and appreciation. We both look back on our wedding day with warm feelings and that we could share it with the people we love.

Thank you for reading our love story! The wedding photos are by Hanke Arkenbout, a great tip as well. Huge fan of her style with those gorgeous analogue photos. The gorgeous wedding bouquet was by Judith Slagter.

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