We did a family shoot!

I need to show you the family shoot we had last Sunday, I’m so happy we have these photos now. I think all families know it’s very rare that you have photos of all family members together. If you follow me on Instagram you all know I have plenty of photos of Mia, haha. But those family photos are not that easy to make yourself, so I’m very happy we have some now. This shoot was a gift from my parents in law. The photos are made by Sjoukje Krikke and I’m sharing my personal favorites with you on the blog today!

Thank you Sjoukje for these photos!

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  1. Graag gedaan.. vond het erg leuk om jullie voor mijn camera te hebben.. mooi gezinnetje zijn jullie en prachtig om te fotograferen.. het ging zo vanzelf allemaal ..

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