Bedroom makeover (+ video)!

Soooo.. Our “bedroom makeover” is finally up on the blog and YouTube! We went from a 1,40 boxspring to a bed-for-grown-ups which measures 1,80 wide. You can imagine our shock when we got in the bed for the first time, the amount of space! But I have to say a few weeks later we’re already used to it and you know how it goes: we already can’t go back to 1,40. I never wanna give up this size anymore! And with Mia ending up in our bed almost every night it’s very comfortable to have a little more space. With this new size we often find her horizontal in between our pillows, lol.

Our search started with a new mattress, we really needed a new one as our old one was – a bit afraid to admit it – about 13 years old. So yeah, we could use a new one. Our new mattress is by eve, and it’s deliciousness in mattress-form. It’s made of memory foam and it’s heaven. You slowly sink in the mattress and feel it hugging in all the right places. Need I say more?

Of course I was a little afraid our new bigger bed would look massive in the bedroom. But it doesn’t at all! It just blends in. And I’m so happy we finally got ourselves a bed that is pretty on it’s own and I don’t have to cover with a huge plaid. That’s what I always did with the boxspring, ha :) This bed is MALM by Ikea and the wooden look of it adds a lot of warmth to the bedroom.

So, I’ve also made a video of this makeover process for YouTube! Take a look at it HERE for some behind the scenes of this process and stay tuned till the end: some slow shots of our bedroom that will give you a much better view of the layout of our bedroom than photos ever will. Until now I only did time-lapse videos but some other videos will come in the future, so make sure to subscribe and don’t miss a thing!

Now let’s see more of that bedroom makeover, shall we?

So to sum it all up:

Mattress: eve
Bed: MALM by Ikea
Yellow plaid: by FEST Amsterdam via
Bedsheets: HEMA
Cushions: H&M Home

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