Garden makeover with elho

Last week my husband and I gave our garden a much-needed spring makeover. You know the drill: cleaning the tiles, the wooden platform, well, cleaning everything that was covered in green after that long wet winter. And while that was a very fulfilling task to do, the garden still felt a bit empty. 2 years ago we planted beautiful hydrangeas on both sides of the garden, but it will take a while before they pop up. So we needed some pots and plants to fill out the gaps. I am very happy I get to collaborate with elho on this post. I already had some of their pots from last years since you get great value for your money. So let me give you a little tour and show you what we did!

Our garden is not big at all. There is actually a bit more garden on the left, but that part is not finished yet (and if were being honest here, I’m not sure it will ever be, ssh!). 2 years ago we decided to redo the garden since it was just one big pile of dirt. We did a simple garden plan: tiles in the front and a nice wooden platform for a place to sit. We took a very practical approach and made a bench ourselves, which allows us to host a lot of people in our small garden. Isn’t that great? We once did a barbecue with 20 people here and we would just grab some chairs from inside and sit cosy together on the bench. Very practical and clever, if I may say so myself.

On both sides of the garden we planted hydrangeas, one of my favourite plants. But this kind blooms a little late, so we added a big amount of pots and plants from elho to make it a bit more cosy. And it certainly made the difference, we love our garden now!

What I love about elho’s collection is that they offer a wide range of products. I decided to mix all these types of pots together and it works so well. We now have hanging pots next to our daughters swing, hanging pots on the fence, plant stands etcetera. And all those different types make for an interesting garden. Next to different shapes and sizes, I also chose a variety of colors: I mixed black with white and green pots. It’s basically just like styling inside your home; you want to have a variety in your items, because that is what will make it interesting to look at. When it comes to the plants in them I also did a variety of blooming flowers and everlasting greens. Just a perfect mix altogether. Let me show you some more!

So a quick tour through our small garden and the idea behind it. I hope you found this post inspiring and it will give you the boost to make your garden spring ready as well. Enjoy!

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