HAY Matin

This photo above shows my absolute favorite styling corner of our house. If you are a longtime follower of this blog you know by now that this used to be our TV-wall, but I am loving the possibilities this corner gave me since we removed the TV from the livingroom. You can see what it looked like before here, here, here and here. As you can see, I change around a lot ha :)

We’ve started styling this wall with some poster frames and slowly but surely more and more items entered. The vintage gold trolley has been here in a lot of the options, but what’s on it, depends on the week. Today I will show you the latest addition to my table light addiction; this HAY Matin.

It’s true; I am a sucker for table lights. I love how they offer a small spot of light during the evening and they for me are the perfect styling item. When I saw this latest design by HAY I immediately loved it and picking out a color was quite the challenge. I chose this beautiful green shade and while I’m typing this I realize that the cardigan I’m knitting at the moment has this exact same shade of green. What do you know, I have a new color crush!

Like I said, table lights are the perfect styling item for me. Window sills are so hard to style for me and because this light is quite small, it’s also a great fit for our bay window!

While I don’t consider myself a geek when it comes to technical details, I have to show you this detail I was pleasantly surprised by when I unpacked this lamp.

You can dim this light as it has three options. This way you can create a very soft light, so it can be the perfect addition to any lightplan. It also would make the perfect light for any nightstand, because of the dimmable light.

I love the design by Inga Sempe, a designer I didn’t know before. The combination of the brass and black frame with the pleated cotton shade; very unique.

What do you think about this HAY Matin lamp? Love at first sight, just like I had? Thanks for reading and have a great day ♥

Love, Marrit

PS. This post is written in collaboration with MisterDesign. I only work with brands/shops I love.

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