H&M Home pillows

My Pinterest board can be divided in 3 categories. I think a lot of us don’t have 1 specific style of interior, but like to combine several. I think that works perfectly and I do it myself all the time. Vintage, IKEA, DIY, design items, it all works great together.

So on my Pinterest you see all these different styles I like. But now I’m talking mostly about color. I love those all-white interiors. I also pin a lot of colorful interiors, though I know now those are not for me. The 3rd category however is something completely different. Those dark, moody interiors. And I love them! So much. But, since this is a huge change from our white walls, I am a bit hesitant so do a complete makeover of our livingroom. So I found the perfect first step to see if these colors work for us: new pillows! H&M Home is my go to for new pillows, they always have a great selection.

Last spring I also bought some new pillows from H&M Home and I loved the feeling of spring they gave me. Now I chose darker colors; green, blue and terra. I changed back to our vintage persian rug and it’s still my favorite rug without a doubt. This chair also fits perfectly in this setting with its black leather and dark wood.

So at the moment we are thinking about adding some color on the walls as well. Did you see my latest attic update? We are thinking the same shade of green, painted halfway up the wall. This way you still keep the freshness of the white, but I would love some contrast between the wall and couch.

Also a great way to add depth to your interior is by adding plants. Especially those dark green ones, they really pop out. Those terra pots are very budget friendly as well, which is always nice. And remember this DIY I did a while back? It fits exactly under this HAY Tray table.

So we are very happy about this first step towards a possible new interior style. I’ll keep you updated wether this is permanent and the changes we will make :)

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