There is something magical about opening a package that has been on your wishlist for years. This togo chair is one of those items. And when I say years I mean yyyeeeeeeaaars. And I’m sure this post will divide opinion, because you either love this chair or hate it. My husband used to be of that second category but a while ago he caught himself loving it and I wasted no time. But really, after his I’m-started-to-like-it-statement it took me two weeks to find us the perfect Togo. I bought this one at, an online webshop specialized in vintage design. She really finds the most amazing pieces and if I could I would buy her whole collection. But okay, let’s stick with the Togo for now!

What I love most about this Togo is that it’s so comfortable. It’s a low chair that feels like a giant pillow and I prefer this one over our couch without a doubt. My husband and I both do, so you can imagine the struggle. It’s also a chair that allows our daughter Mia to come sit with us, and it’s so cute. Let me show you how it goes:

Step 1..

And there we go! She loves sitting in this chair with us and isn’t that what furniture is about: allowing you to comfortably sit in them and enjoy some quality time. Wether it’s with a good book or child, that’s always a good idea.

As you can see it’s a low chair and I feel it needs some space around it to live up to its full potential. So I’ve moved it a bit from the wall. Because of the low design this is definitely a chair you can put in the middle of a room.

And the blue velvet fabric works really well with the rest of our livingroom. While this is a vintage chair, offers the possibility to get a Togo in a color or fabric of choice! This blue velvet version was in stock and I thought it would be perfect for us, but you can pick any color you want. What about a beige one, or in cognac leather? *Drool..
And while it may be hard to believe, this Togo is very lightweight and I kinda want to pick it up and try it everywhere in the house. We could use a comfortable chair in Mia’s room as well, and it would look in our bedroom and attic as well. I might need a few more of these :)

So after finishing this post, I will be reading a magazine in my new favorite chair. Or I might have a second look at the webshop of, to see what the next item on my wishlist will be. If you love vintage you should have a look yourself, you won’t be disappointed :) Thank you for reading!

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