Thrift shopping: new chair


It’s been a while but since all our stuff moved into our new house, I finally felt it was okay to go thrift-shopping again. When you know you have to move all your stuff, you are (at least I am) not very keen on buying new stuff. So yesterday I went to a new thriftshop and I loved this chair so much I bought it. I don’t know if it will stay in our living room but the color definitely compliments the rest.


Does anyone know wether this is an old Ikea chair or not? At first I thought it was Ikea but I haven’t found any label and Google didn’t give me any results so now I am doubting. I also wondered if it was an old Artifort model, but I couldn’t find anything similar on Google so I’m guessing not. If you know, please let me know, I’m so curious!

It’s very comfy which I love. Since our new couch isn’t a “lounge” type of couch, I like that we have a new seat where you can sit back. Maybe I’ll move it to a room upstairs later, but for now I like it here.

Isn’t it great how you can shop so many cool items at a local thrift-shop?

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    • Wat leuk dat je een reactie achterlaat, ik vermoedde het al maar kon niets op internet vinden.. En inderdaad, de stoel zit fantastisch! Jij hebt ‘m nog steeds dus? En toevallig ook in het rood?

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