Thrifted handpainted cabinet

A while back I found this wonderful handpainted cabinet in my local thrift store. I love it! The florals, the greenbrownish color.. It feels very crafty and traditional. I needed some time to find the perfect spot, but eventually I found it in our attic. Between all the straight lines and design items, this cabinet comes in handy to soften it up, and add some character. Next to that, the storage space is quite nice in the room that is usually the messiest of our house, ha.

Let me show you the beautiful details!

Aren’t the details amazing? A true artist that made this, for sure. The small damaged parts only add character for me. I would love to know more about this item, but the store sadly couldn’t tell me anything about it. Now we’ll just have to use our imagination to think of the places it’s been ♥

There probably are people wondering how I could put an old, damaged cabinet that feels so eclectic, next to a vintage design classic the Eames Lounge is. To me however, it works perfectly fine. As a matter of fact; it’s what I do throughout the whole house. Mixing design and vintage is my biggest passion when it comes to decorating. I couldn’t have a house filled with just design, or just vintage. It’s the combination to make that makes it perfect.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

Love, Marrit

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