Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Sulking Room Pink

A few weeks ago I decided to paint the closets in Mia her room; her clothes closet and the commode. They were a grayish green (you can see them HERE) and as Mia’s room has gone through some transformations this color always stood the test – at least so far!

When we painted the walls of this room to a neutral beige, the grayish green worked. And by work, I mean I didn’t HAVE to paint them. While I always felt a different color could be more beautiful, I really didn’t feel like painting her closets so I was just glad those colors, well, worked.

But a year later those beautiful Pinterest photos of soft pink closets in nurseries didn’t go out of my head so I decided it was time. And after a quick search, I ended up with a new shade by Farrow & Ball called Sulking Room Pink. I tested the samples against both the closet and the commode and I loved the warmness of this shade and I felt it would be a perfect match for this room. Wanna see more?

So Sulking Room Pink it is! When I started painting I was afraid it would be a bit too pale, but after drying it turned out to be the exact shade I was looking for. Pink has always been the detail color of this room (heck, around the whole house) and it matches the vintage rug of her room perfectly. I love that this color means we have a little more contrast than we had before with the green, but it’s still soft.

And I figured that as I was changing already, I might as well take a new look at the layout of this room. Long story short; everything has a new spot. Let me show you the full room :)

It makes sense to have the reading chair next to the books, right? For Mia her room I invested in a vintage Artifort chair last year (see more HERE) that we had reupholstered. It’s a great chair for a kids room because it’s pretty wide which means parent and child can sit in it comfortably. We use it every night for her bedtime reading and I’m so glad I spent a little more last year and it meant the perfect chair that we all love.

I hope you liked reading this post and the result of this small makeover. Thank you for watching and have a great day!

Love, Marrit

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