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Learn how to do it yourself.

Brand I love: FLOS

Today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite design brands ever; FLOS. You might recognize the light in the photo above, if not; this is the FLOS 265 and one of my favorite design items in the house, if not the favorite. It was on my wishlist for years, I saw this light passing by so many times and there wasn’t one image I didn’t love. I saw it on kitchen walls, bedroom walls; I loved it everywhere. And then almost 2 years ago my husband gifted me one for my birthday. Yes, I’m a lucky gal ♥

Every once in a while I want to share my love for designer items here on the blog, so today I wanted to chat some more about FLOS. It’s an Italian design brand founded in 1962, fully focused on lighting. I thought I’d share my favorites of their brand today!

I had a hard time picking number 1 to 3, since they are all equally favorite to me. So no list in order of favorites, because I simply couldn’t choose. Coincidentally they are all designed by the same people; Achille Castiglioni & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. Guess I love their style!


The Taccia table light is available in 2 sizes and I think the design is so cool. The biggest size is 65cm high, so it’s a statement piece and I love those.


I’ve had my eye on this Snoopy light for some time, but when I saw it in this hometour I fell in love with it. It matched this interior so well and it definitely made this lamp rise a few places in my wishlist. It’s available also with a green top, and I would have no idea which one to choose if we ever came to the point of buying.


But if I would have to pick my favorite, I think this Toio would be my number one. Available also in black and grey, but red is my favorite as it pops even more. It’s one of those items that make you look again, a statement piece, I love those. I’ve seen it in kitchens, living rooms, even bedrooms. Love it.

It’s easy to see why I love FLOS. I love grand gestures when it comes to interior and that’s what FLOS is all about. I could easily list another 10 favorites or basically, every item they ever produced. Let’s stick to these first, and let’s talk again in 10 years and see if we already have them, shall we? Can’t wait ♥

Thank you for reading!

Love, Marrit

PS. This post is written in collaboration with MisterDesign.nl. I only work with brands&shops I love.

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