Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Design chairs

You know I love designer chairs. And today I’m not talking about the dining chair kind, but you know, those way-too-comfortable chairs. Those chairs that make a statement in a room. And oh boy, how I love those. In Dutch we call them “fauteuils”, which is originally a French word. But I love the English translation of it: easy chair. So today, I’m talking about easy chairs.

In our house we have a few designer chairs, but then I’m talking about the diningtable kind. For most people dining room chairs are easier to purchase than easy chairs, because the first category is more affordable. It’s safe to say that easy chairs are an investment piece. So while a dining room chair from for instance Vitra could be bought by anyone, the Eames Lounge Chair is a bit harder to save for. This Lounge Chair is in my opinion the best chair of all time, I love that one.

When we changed the setup of our livingroom – two chairs facing the couch – we wanted two comfortable chairs. And while these LCW are made of wood, they are very comfortable. As I am a huge fan of the designs by Eames, I have been reading a lot about them and their design process. A lot of thought goes into the design and therefor they have been able to make it very comfortable. It hugs you in all the right places ;)

Next to them being pretty, I also love them because they fit anywhere. Because of their low design, you can easily place them in the middle of the room which makes them very versatile. I’m very sure that if I ever get tired of them in the livingroom, they will great in for instance our bedroom as well, or in the attic.

So let’s go back to the original subject: easy chairs. Like I said before they are investment pieces. For most people expenses you don’t do every day. But if it’s up to me: items worth saving for. I love the idea of buying items for life, and I’m trying to better my life and spend my money wisely. I’ve bought a lot of interior stuff in my life and a lot has left again, because I was tired of it already. It’s not the case when it comes to design items, I’m still loving every single one. They are made to last an eternity, and not just the current trends. Another reason I feel they are worth investing in is because they hold their value a lot more. So if you do get tired of them, you will still get a good price for them.

So as I said before: my favourite easy chair is the Eames Lounge. If it was up to my husband, this chair above would be our next purchase. It’s the About a Lounge Chair by HAY. I’m pretty sure this pink shade wouldn’t be his first choice, but if gets to pick the chair, I can pick the color, right? Really had to share this photo with this post, I think it’s stunning!

I’m always very curious when I think about what design items we will buy further in our life. My husband and I both really love design furniture, so I’m pretty sure a lot more will come. Let’s wait and see :)

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