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Learn how to do it yourself.

Design lighting

When I first found my love for design items, designer chairs were my go-to. I saved all my money to buy a new design chair and so we eventually collected all these beautiful chairs in our house. But these days, I am much more drawn to designer lighting and so now, if I buy anything designer for our house, it’s usually a lamp. I am reaching the point that every room is pretty much covered when it’s comes to lighting, but I’m still very much enjoying finding new design lamps so I thought I’d share my current wishlist. Curious? Read on!

My first favorite is without a doubt this FLOS 265 wall light. Such a statement and I love that. While we initially thought this would be a light for our sitting area, it turned out to be the best fit in our dining area. It was a present from my husband and I’ve written more about it HERE.

Designed by Inga Sempe, this HAY Matin light is also a big favorite here. I’ve written a blog about it HERE. I love the plisse shade, and the combination of the fabric and metal base. It’s also dimmable, which I think is a great feature for a lamp!

A 3rd big favorite of mine is this Mini Pipistrello by Martinelli Luce. They also have a larger size which is secretly on my wishlist still, but I love the place this one has in our closet. It spreads the light beautifully due to the cap on top.

Now that I’ve shared my 3 favorites, who’s interested in what’s still on my wishlist? Obviously as a interior and design lover I am always on the lookout for our next item, so I thought I’d share the top 3 lights I currently have my eye on.

The Vitra Akari series. I already have a spot where I want it; in between our couch and the curtain. I am doubting between the 55 or the 75cm, as I love a big statement. The design is so simple, but if you get a bigger size, it’s such a nice statement.

Next up is the Gubi 5321. This shell-inspired lamp is such a beauty and I absolutely love the rattan detail on the leg. You hadn’t noticed yet, right? I love these details when it comes to design. This lamp would look great anywhere, but I’m thinking next to a bed would be a particular good match.

Last but not least a big favorite of mine; the FLOS Taccia. I’ve written about it before so it’s safe to say it’s time to get one, ha. It’s available in 2 sizes and as you might’ve guessed after reading today’s post; I would prefer the bigger size.

So! Thanks for reading this extra-long post on the blog today, hope you enjoyed the design chatter. I know I did! Have a great day.

Love, Marrit

PS. This post is written in collaboration with MisterDesign. I only work with brands/shops I love.

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