Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

DIY eucalyptus print


I love using eucalyptus as an accessory in my interior. The main reason is you can dry it and it will last forever. For instance adding this to a vase on your nightstand, lets you add a little green to your home without the costs. But I figured you could use eucalyptus also to make prints that totally fit today’s “Urban Green” trend. I made a 50×70 print and will walk you through the steps.

At first I thought I would spray paint the branch and then stamp it on the paper, but I realized that would’t work out. This is mainly because I used dried eucalyptus, which will break if you try to adjust the shape. While making art I love to use a lot of texture, so then I figured I’d paint the leaves and then stamp them on my paper. This creates the effect of texture.


As you can see there is a lot of texture there.

The steps I followed:
– take a leaf and paint it, I used acrylic paint
– stamp the leaf onto the paper. I copied the design of the eucalyptus branch itself but you can off course create your own design and make it bigger or smaller
– when finished with stamping the leafs I painted the branch in between the leafs.


And there you go! I feel the most fun part of these DIY’s is you can use all your creativity. Make it big, small, black or green, it’s up to you!


Have a great day! :)

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