Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

DIY: glass jar

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I love sharing these easypeasy DIY’s with you! Today I’m showing you how to re-use glass jars and turn them into cute vases. It will only cost you some paint, isn’t that great?


I √°lways forget the before picture, well not this time! These were storage jars, but I took the lid off. After 4 years of not using them we were finally at that point of throwing them away, and then I took them out of the trash again. Sorry husband!


Clean your jars beforehand and then choose the paint color you like. I – no surprise there – chose white, but obviously any color will do. Just add a small amount of paint into your jar and start turning around. You are totally free in making a pattern you like. Just keep turning the jar around until your satisfied with your result and let the jars dry. It takes some hours!


Aaand you’re done! I think it looks absolutely cute, especially with the hydrangeas in them.


I love reusing materials like this, instead of throwing everything away, you could save yourself some money. Hope you liked it too, have a great day!

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