Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

DIY kitchen art


On the blog today a DIY I did a while back. I’ve loved the brass cutlery from Sissy Boy for a long time but to trade it my cutlery for a new one felt a bit too much (and not to mention, expensive!). I wanted to incorporate them in our kitchen so today it’s time for some DIY kitchen art!


I cut out a 30×40 painting I had (which my husband hated intensely..) and used a part of it for my DIY. I could’ve used a plain black/grey background but I felt this would add a little bit personality. And a great way to use that stuff that just lays around in your attic!


I’ve stuck the cutlery on my print with those “chewing gum” glue kind of things. (Sorry guys – no idea of the correct English term!) This way I can change it, if I want to since it’s not a permanent solution. We’ve been in some hilarious situations where we were eating with guests, heard a noise and our guest said: “well, it looks like a fork fell of your painting”. Yes, my DIY’s give us the most special conversations.


I love the contrast between the red bricks and the dark painting. Yes, very happy with it!


If you’re interested in our whole kitchen, read THIS post

Shopping info:
Kitchen and white tap: Ikea
Art frame: HEMA
Black and white plant pot: House Doctor via Athomeliving

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