Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

DIY: personal holiday memory


My holiday has ended so I’m back in the bloggers game! Am I the only one that always wants to keep up the holiday vibe a little longer? One thing to try is immediately print some pictures or buy a Polaroid camera, like we did.

For our wedding last April we bought a Polaroid camera from Hema (you can find it HERE) to take pictures of our guests for the guestbook. A lovely idea and I knew that Polaroid camera would be great to have anyway. We brought it along for our honeymoon and did a “Picture of The Day”.


Every day we took a picture of what was happening that day. Laying by the pool, renting a car, going to the beach. Name it! And it was so much fun, mostly because, you know, holidays are fun :) Let me show you a bit more.


We set ourselves a bit of a challenge since with a Polaroid camera you only get one chance, unlike photographing with your iPhone or digital camera. Some pictures failed, it’s quite critical when it comes to lightning. But we brought some spare polaroids and made it anyway.


I taped the polaroids on the wall in our work office and it’s so nice being able to look back at your holiday this short after!


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