Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

DIY: reupholstering chairs


Today on my blog a step by step tutorial on reupholstering chairs. I bought these really cool gold chairs at the thriftshop but the blue fabric was used and dirty. I loved the chairs so much I didn’t let the greasy fabric hold me back en decided to do a DIY about it! Picture above: before (left) and after (right).


Let me walk you through the steps!


First remove the seating, this one had screws in it so very easy to remove.


Lay the seating onto your new fabric and cut it so you have just the right amount to reupholster.


I always staple 4 corners first. This way you won’t have to be afraid of moving your fabric anymore while stapling. That would be a shame because removing staples isn’t easy (been there, done that!).


Then you just staple away! Pull the fabric tightly, you don’t want any wrinkles.


Remove the excess fabric when you’re done stapling. This is important because if you leave too much fabric on, it will start hanging once you put the seating back on. You will see it when the chair is being used, which would be a shame.


And there you go!

My final tips:
– Buy fabric especially for furniture. This is a bit more expensive, but is stronger dan fabric for (for instance) clothes. Worth the extra cash!
– When you’re visiting the local fabric shop, try the outlet part. Especially when you only need small pieces like you do with chairs like this. They probably have a really cool leftover fabric that is just enough for your project and will save you a lot of money.
– Just do it :) Buy yourself a €20 staple gun and try. You will see that it’s very easy! And your boyfriend/father will love your staple gun too, by the way :-)

Hope you liked my new DIY, have a great day! If you have any questions, leave a comment because I’d love to answer it!

2 thoughts on “DIY: reupholstering chairs”

  • Hi Marrit! Leuke DIY! En hele gave (gouden) krukjes! Als je de stof nog een keertje omvouwt (een zoompje er in) dan gaat het niet rafelen. Nu zal het niet zo snel rafelen, maar als je krukje veel gebruikt en oppakt, dan gaat dit op den duur wel gebeuren. Misschien voor een volgende keer!

    • Hai Shifra, die tip had ik inderdaad inmiddels ook van iemand anders ontvangen, ga ik de volgende keer doen! Aan de andere kant ben ik stiekem ook wel heel erg van het “als je het niet ziet is het er ook niet” 😉 Leuk dat je op mijn blog hebt gekeken!

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