Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

DIY wall decoration


I always try to create original DIY’s for you, but sometimes I find one on Pinterest that is too good not to share. So today’s DIY is created by Ohohblog and the original article is HERE. Today were making this DIY wall decoration!

I have to say guys, this DIY wasn’t as easy as I’d thought. To be honest, I cursed my way through. Let me walk you through my process and learn from my mistakes :)


You take two sheets of paper where one is your background (in my case green) and one is your worksheet. Pick a design of your choice – you are obviously not bound to the plant-idea. I really loved it so I decided to go for a similar design as Ohoh Blog.


You draw out your design and then the tough part starts, carving out the design. I learnt that my paper was way too thick, so the cutting was really hard.

My top tips!
– Use thin paper, or at least the paper you will be cutting in. My paper was way too thick to use the scissor properly so the design started to look all wrinkly.
– If you want to use a knife to carve out the design instead of using scissors, make it a really sharp knife. It would be such a shame to completely wrinkle your paper since the knife isn’t sharp enough


And there you have it! I hope you like this DIY and have a great day!

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