Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Do it yourself: candleholders


A Do It Yourself where you don’t actually have to do something, isn’t that great?

Since we are renovating our house I’m visiting the local Do It Yourself store quite regularly. And if you are an interiorblogger like me, inspiration is everywhere. I’ve made an chandelier of these copper/brass elements before, you can find that one here. So ever since I knew those pieces fitted a candle perfectly, I knew there would be more ways to use them. For today’s blogpost I bought three of them and let me show you how I used them.


I particularly like this design. I can guarantee your guests won’t know this is coming from a Do It Yourself store! Okay, maybe your dad..


I love minimalistic styling, so this centerpiece is now on our coffeetable. Sometimes all you need are a happy bunch of flowers and everything will look nice with it.


Also a nice example of minimalistic styling!

I’m guessing these candle holders will end up pretty much everywhere in our house. I paid €5 for three! You can find them at the bathroom/heating area in your store, next to the copper piping.

Hope you loved this DIY, have a great day!

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