Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Renovation pt 10: DIY bookcase


Don’t you just love it when a plan that has been in your head for over a year, completely falls into place in your new house? Today I will show you our €60 bookcase!

We wanted to have a nice place for our books but buying one just wasn’t exciting enough. We wanted some nice wooden boards that would fit a lót of books. But since we wanted to work with a small budget, we thought of a cheaper form of wood: underlayment! Just as pretty as a wooden board, a lot less expensive. So we went to the Do-It-Yourself store and they sawed the underlayment for us. We calculated 5 boards would be perfect, 24cm deep so big enough to fit books and some accessories. No waste of wood, perfect!

Let me show you step by step how we worked:


This empty white wall was – even for my white-loving standards – a bit too white. Since the door is on the left here, we thought this was the perfect spot for our bookcase.


We used these €0.50 consoles. My poor husband, having to calculate 25 of these.. But, it looks good doesn’t it?


Then the fun part began. If I may advice you: underlayment always has a pretty side, and a sloppy side. In our case, the 3 boards below have the pretty side up, the 2 boards on top have the pretty side down. This way you only get to see the pretty underlayment, instead of only stamps, for instance. A free tip from me to you :)


And there it was! I was so happy unpacking 5 moving boxes. When you have experience in moving/renovating, you must know how annoying it is to have all your stuff still in boxes. So this was definitely a happy moment. I’m so excited about the final result, it was exactly the way we wanted it to look like!

The underlayment itself cost €40 and 25 consoles for €0.50 each make €12.50. Some screws and other tools make this project a total €60, isn’t that great? And may I add that Doing It Yourself is always worth much more than just buying if you ask me.


Since this room is big enough for a nice comfy chair to lounge and read, I brought this chair upstairs. The poster is by studiocaptain.nl and I think it looks great!

If you like to see the total renovation of this room, you can click HERE.

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