Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Stylingtip: underlayment board


Today I will show you several styling options to use an underlayment board in your house. Because we have a very white house, I must add wood and other textures to keep it cosy. Underlayment is a great material to use because its cheap and has a beautiful wood texture. You can buy it at a Do-It-Yourself store where they can even saw it for you. When you can save yourself a job, you always should right? One downside, it is kinda heavy. So bring your boyfriend/dad/neighbour!

The styling above this blogpost is very black and white, but can you see how the underlayment adds instant freshness to the picture? I especially love the combination of the underlayment with my new print (article here) because it accentuates the wood texture!


This styling is a bit softer, I love the combination of light wood and soft pink. With a minor change, you get a completely different look.


By using my DIY light letter (article here) you can see how beautiful it is use the same color multiple times. The brown color is almost the same as the underlayment which creates a calm effect. The Playtype “G” poster is much darker than the Andy Warhol, but by using white accessories it is still fresh.

I wanted to show you several styling options so you could see what a difference a small change makes. I love styling like this, my work at home is never done (my fiancé really loves me for that ;-). I would love it if you left a reaction and I’d love to answer any questions you have!

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