Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Interview with Michiel from michielbosman.nl

A new interview on donebymyself.nl and this time Michiel Bosman from michielbosman.nl answered my 5 interior-related questions! I only recently discovered him and I feel he deserves a lot more followers than he has now on his Instagram so read the interview below and make sure to follow him. I love his style and unique items he has in his home, very warm. Thank you Michiel for answering my questions!


What is your favourite spot/area in your home and why?
Sitting at our dining table, drinking coffee and working on my blog. I’m surrounded by all the things that inspire me.

How would you describe your interior style? /&/ How do you make your interior personal/all you?
My interior style is a mix between Scandinavian and Dutch design combined with a lot of personal objects that hold a story dear to my heart. I love surrounding myself with all these memories. It makes your home feel warm and authentic. I personalize my house by considering it as my own little museum, where I can show all the things I love. It tells a story about me and what mood I’m in at the moment.

I love combining design with stuff I bought at a flea market or found on the street! I don’t shy away from some dumpster diving if I see something that looks interesting. For instance, i found this amazing piece of concrete, which I now use as a small side table. Pieces like this make your home unique. I usually get drawn to the material of something. I love combining different materials in my home, I feel like it makes my interior more interesting.

What is your ultimate budgettip?
I love searching on Marktplaats/Ebay. With a lot of patience and a little bit of luck you can find everything you want for a bargain. For the longest time I searched for a Marcel Breuer chair and always felt like I would find it if I kept searching. One day I was talking with a friend and I mentioned my quest to find it and thought, lets check Ebay/Marktplaats again. And all of sudden I saw an add offering the Marcel Breuer chair for a very, very interesting price and I was lucky enough to purchase it. So I would recommend going online and find what people are selling on Ebay. My other number one budget tip is ‘do it yourself’! For instance, I made my dining table and bed myself. You can make so many things yourself, it’s a very budget friendly way to achieve what you want and it brings a story to your interior. All these things make your home feel personal.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I am very much inspired by nature and art. Sometimes you want to create a certain feeling, something that is very hard to express with words but is very clear in your mind. Art can help you with that. To me it’s the key element to every home. I also have a great love for flowers and plants. My home is slowly turning into a jungle and I like to go to the flowermarket on Saturdaymorning to get fresh flowers. I dry a lot of these flowers and hang them up in the kitchen. One of those odd things that become a habit.

Thank you again Michiel! And may I say I love the picture above. It’s so pretty, I could see it hanging on my wall. Think about it ;)

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