Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Interview with Sarah from coco lapine design


I’m really excited about this second interview, Sarah from the wonderful blog
coco lapine design was kind enough to answer my questions. Do you know her blog already? She posts the most amazing houses and to me is a big source of inspiration. Her own house has such a lovely feel to it, very calm and minimal. I love that!


This stunning print hanging on the wall is called “Room with a View”, it’s from Sarah and available here. The first time Sarah uploaded a pictue of it on Instagram, I was stunned. What a beauty! My birthday is coming up july 6th, just so you know ;-)

Thank you Sarah so much for your interview and please keep inspiring us with your blog and products!

How would you decribe your interior style?
I think my interior style definitely has a nordic influence, but I like to mix it up with other elements as well. I like my interior to be quite minimal with clean lines, but without loosing the coziness of a home.

How do you make your interior personal/all you?
I think the ultimate way of making your interior personal is by mixing vintage and modern pieces together. The most personal piece in our home is our coffee table, which was my grandmas when she was still alive. After giving it a layer of paint, I made it more my taste and I really like to have a piece of her in our home. I also like to hang my own prints in our home, which makes it very personal. It’s also the perfect way of seeing wether a new design I’m working on actually fits in an interior.

How often do you change something about your interior?
Very often. I see decorating a home as a long process. In this process you will found out what you like and what works for you. Especially when you’re decorating your home with your partner, you have to somehow figure out together what you like and don’t like and this can take time.

What do you love about your home and why is that?
We live in a rental home, which is of course not entirely my taste. But I love the challenge of making a home work for you, it makes you really creative in finding solutions to work around the things that you would have wished would be different.

What would you say is essential in a interior?
Character and a personal touch are very important to me. I definitely wouldn’t want my home to look like a dozen other homes you can find in a magazine.

In what way do you use color in your interior?
I like neutral colors and wouldn’t say I have a lot of color in my interior. The things that I invest in I always tend to buy in neutral colors, so that I won’t get tired of them and I can use them for a long time. I like to experiment with color in the smaller things like accessories and pillows for example. This way, if I get tired of the color, it’s easier to replace. I also find that with these smaller items, it’s easy to give your home a make over without having to change your furniture entirely.

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