Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Interview with Sonja from zus interieur

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Today on my blog a new interview, this time Sonja from zus interieur was so kind to answer my questions. I’ve been following here for a while on Instagram now and I love her style. Quite minimalistic, with a lot of neutral tones. So rustic and cosy! If you want to follow her Instagram too, it’s HERE. On her blog she shares snapshots of her home, which is constantly changing. I love that, because there is always something new to discover. Never a dull moment when you follow her!

I love doing these interviews because I get to support my fellow interior bloggers. Above that, I hope these interviews are inspiring to you – my readers – because they answer some important questions: how do you create a personal interior and how about some good budget tips? Sonja has some good answers for you. So thank you for answering my questions Sonja! Read the interview below.


How would you decribe your interior style?
Clean, scandinavian, contemporary and with a big love for designer brands. especially the scandinavian brands. They are known for their well designed products of high quality. My favourite Scandinavian brands are Nur Design, Hay, Menu, By Lassen, Normann Copenhagen. Some contemporary Dutch brands like By Parra and wall decor Ixxi are big influences right now.


How do you make your interior personal/all you?
By only implementing furniture and accessoires I really like. Trends are nice, but they come as quick as they go. My interior needs to be sort of timeless. I love the current trends in interior design, but I try to stay original and give my interior the real ‘zus’-mark.

What is your ultimate budgettip?
If you see something you like, but it’s a bit out of your budget, look on Marktplaats if other people might be selling it. If you want to buy new: maybe you have an item you don’t use anymore. Sell it and use the money to invest in the item you like. That is how I got my new dining-table: sold the old one and invested the money to buy a new one.
(or marry a rich guy, that always works well)

How often do you change something about your interior?
I change something at least everyday (small stuff/accessories). The lay-out of our living room is kind of fixed. So I don’t change the larger furniture that often. The last time I did that was about 6 months ago. I am happy with how things are right now. But that doesn’t mean I will not change small furniture now and then. Like sidetables: I have a thing with that. Never satisfied, always changing them. Although I am pretty happy with the ones I got right now, from Zuiver.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Instagram, blogs and Pinterest. And I am addicted to tv-shows about home-restyling and re-modelling.

What is your favourite spot/area in your home and why?
The livingroom/kitchen (it’s all-in one). That’s where I eat, work, play with my son, watch TV, socialize and off course change most of my interior. I love the lay-out of our home. The way our dining-table connects the living room with the kitchen. It’s not very large, but it’s big enough for the three of us.

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In what way do you use color in your interior?
I try to avoid using colour in my interior, because I know I get bored with colours quickly. So my basics are white with a touch of black and grey. And lately I have been introducing a bit of copper, silver and brass but very limited (just hints of). The metallics are a big trend at the moment, I am curious how long this will last.


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