Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

A new speak peak in our baby’s room


I’m giving a new sneak peak in our baby’s room today! I’ve written about it earlier, here and here. And now it’s time to show you our commode, cause it’s finished!


We’ve given it the same color as the closet in this room, a grayish green that’s called Kiezelgroen (it’s by Flexa). I just love how it suits the yellow ceiling!


I’m thinking about changing the handles, maybe add a brown leather one instead of these wooden ones. I did this in our house before, check this blogpost. I’m guessing it will look very nice as well.

We have some great plans for this nursery so I’m certainly gonna share more of it later on. We are going to add a hanging chair (yay!) and a bed as well. I’ll keep you posted guys, thank you for reading!

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