Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

An ode to a €1 doll stroller

I am all for thriftshopping, as you might know. Not only because you can find great items there for a low price, but also because of the sustainability part. Since I am a mom this is gotten a much bigger subject – I need the world to live on a little longer for when our daughter grows up. And hopefully, for when her children grow up and their children, etcetera. Secondhand buying is a great idea. It’s good for the environment and good for your wallet, what’s not to love?

A while ago I went thriftshopping with Mia, our 20 month old daughter. Not one of my best ideas, since she is at an age where she likes to take everything off the shelves. But allright, we pulled through and found ourselves at the kids corner. It was clear: this €1 doll stroller should go home. Mia walked around with it as if it were hers, and if she knew where to pay for it, she would walk right to the cash desk. So, I couldn’t refuse. There is something so cute about small children, doting over dolls. My heart melts when I see our daughter giving her doll a kiss, or a hug.

A while ago we went for a holiday to Italy, and we could only pack a few things (read my tips on traveling with a toddler HERE). Since this stroller can be folded in, it doesn’t take up that much space. And because it was only €1, you cannot be too afraid of it damaging. It had to come on our holiday, and boy did she enjoy having some of her own toys on holiday.

As you can see, she takes her job very seriously. Every day I walked next to her and the stroller. Taking the doll out, putting the doll in, and off we went. So much fun for 1 simple euro. I enjoy this phase so much!

Walking my baby while she is walking her baby ♥

Thank you for reading!
x Marrit

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