Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.


Since the birth of our daughter babywearing has been a great part of my life. Thanks to a friend who introduced me into this world, I am a fan since I first tried this. I’ve been sharing this on my Instagram and I always receive a lot of response. So after thinking about sharing this on my blog as well, I decided to start today.

Wearing our daughter close to me feels so good, and I feel it really works for us. It has been a lifesaver on days where Mia just wants to be close, all day long. You can imagine that being a blogger requires working from home, and babywearing offers me the possibility to be close to my daughter as well as having my hands free. I’m also able to bring her to a business meeting. She is so content when being carried so I can bring her anywhere.

So, consider this as a part 1 in sharing my personal experience with babywearing with you. I own several wraps and I would love to show them all. My favorite brand is Artipoppe.

Feel free to email me on info@donebymyself.nl or contact me via Instagram if you have any questions. I’d love to answer them all!

You can tell she loves it, right? :)

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