Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Brio kitchen

When we found out we were having a girl, I had a lot of visions. You know: ponytails, dresses and.. a kitchen. I had my own kitchen growing up and I was crazy about that thing. My parents still tell the story of me collecting everything “for my kitchen”. Think about old food containers, for example. Yes I know, I might’ve been a little enthusiastic. So, ever since our daughter Mia started playing I wanted to get her a kitchen. I waited a while but now that she’s 18 months I thought the time was right. And I was right, because ever since it’s been in the livingroom, she’s already played for HOURS with it. You know..

Opening the closet..

Doing the dishes..

And checking if the food is ready from the oven yet.

Yes, it’s love. Look at that face!

So I’ve been browsing through the kids kitchens available in stores and I loved this Brio kitchen the most. Forgive me for picking out a kitchen that would fit our interior – on the other hand I liked the practicality of this one as well. Pretty simple: a sink, stove, an oven and a cabinet. A lot of possibilities to play with but not too much. It’s by brand you might know mostly because of their wooden trains: Brio. A brand that has been around for decades and still going strong. Next on my wishlist is their super cute walking dachshund. I mean, YES!

So when you get your kid a Brio kitchen, you should get them some accessories to play with, right? We were lucky enough to have received some fruits already as a gift for Mia. It’s so cute seeing her try to cut it in two, or bring it to us so that we can do it for her. I really love this imaginative play and this imitating game. My little big girl! I’m so loving the idea of her playing with this kitchen for many years to come.

Can you imagine this topknot is giving me all the ballerina feels? <3

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