Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Coclico furniture

A while back I received an email from one of my favorite online stores Smallable if I wanted to receive two items of the new collection by Coclico. It’s a new brand that I didn’t know yet and when I read about the products and philisophy behind it I was very enthusiastic and happy we would get a chance of trying it out ourselves. Let me tell you more about this brand.

Coclico is a German brand that specialises in the creation of children’s furniture, inspired by the Montessori philosophy. Tables, stools, shelves, chairs and accessories – everything is made to help your children be more independent and get to know their environment and bodies in a safe and playful way.

Montessori is a philosophy that fits our parenting style. While it’s so easy to do everything for your child yourself – much quicker as well – I love giving our daughter freedom to explore things herself. You can imagine, the idea behind these products immediately spoke to me.

This is the Double Bookshelf that I decorated with some of Mia’s favorites. Of course you can use it as a bookshelf entirely, but I decided to mix it up with some other items. We are huge fans of reading in our house, so Mia’s room features a lot of books as well. But, this bookshelf allowed me to have some books in the living room as well and the best part is obviously that she can pick them up herself.

We also got a Felix Stool. The funny thing about this stool is that we had a small table at this spot before that Mia used as a stool. I replaced that one with this since it’s a little better to use as a stool; it’s a bit higher and more lightweight. The philosophy behind this product immediately worked, as I found Mia walking around with it so she could get items that were out of reach before. I’ve seen her dragging it to the kitchen so she could reach the countertop, but also our livingroom closet. I find it so funny that the idea behind this stool – lightweight so kids can take it around – immediately saw action in our household and I didn’t even have to explain it.

The detailing of these products are beautiful. I love the shade of blue and the mix of materials, such as oak wood for the legs, felt for the sides and valchromat as shelves.

When we don’t use it, we put this stool under our coffeetable. When Mia wants to sit and play, she can take it herself and play with whatever she likes.

We are very happy with these beautiful products and I love how they immediately showed me the importance of independence for children. It allowed me to see how much she enjoys doing things by herself, and how nice it is to let that be as a parent. I’m sure we will enjoy these products for years to come!

Thank you for reading and have a great day,

Love, Marrit

PS. These products were kindly gifted to us by Smallable & Coclico. I only work with brands & shops I truly love and these were definitely part of that.

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