Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Ferm Living Trace

A new category on my blog! And it’s called “Living with kids”. I’ve added some old posts to this category but today is my first official post, for all the parents. Oh and for the ones with love for pretty storage solutions, of course :)

I think every parent knows the struggle of toys laying everywhere. I consider myself a practical person and next to that – I don’t want my livingroom being taken over by toys. If I want it to be clean, I want a solution to clear all the toys in a couple of minutes. So I’ve added a new accessory to our livingroom: this Trace laundry basket from Ferm Living.

This is what our sitting area looks like within 5 minutes when Mia comes in. And I want her to be able to play with everything she wants for as long as she wants. But when in the evening, when she is sleeping, I want to enjoy my livingroom without being afraid of stepping on one of these wooden blocks (autsj!). So I searched for storage baskets and loved this one. It’s really big so I would only need 1 and it matches our livingroom so it would just blend in.

I’ve put it in this corner and I think a lot of people wouldn’t even notice it because it fits the rest of the color scheme perfectly. It is designed by Trine Andersen and she designs a lot of products for Ferm Living. She also designed the plant hangers from this blogpost of our kitchen.

So while I use this as a storage unit for toys, it is officially a laundry basket. It’s 60cm high so it would fit a lót of laundry. I love items like this that can be used for anything. I can imagine this being perfect for storing practically anything. So I’m very happy with this!

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