Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Flamingo wallpaper

If you are a follower of my Instagram, you recognize this flamingo wallpaper. A friend of mine used it for her home and greedy as I am – I asked her for the left-overs. I was thinking I would get a little piece so I could put it in a frame but as you can see, I got a little more than that! Because I wanted to use this to its full potential I asked my followers on Instagram what I could do with it. A lot of people suggested I could wallpaper a panel with it, and I thought that was just a great idea! I was thinking I wanted the wallpaper for our daughters room, but this allows me to move it as well. Because you never know if you want flamingos to join you in the livingroom as well :)

So there it is! Wallpapering a panel is fairly easy, here are my steps:

– sew a board the size you prefer (I chose MDF)
– paint at least one side of the board, to avoid the panel to bend
– cover one side with wallpaper glue
– stick your wallpaper on
– and that’s it!

As you can see, fairly easy. A few tips:

– let the store sew the board for you
– pick a board that isn’t too heavy. I first thought of underlayment, but it would be way too heavy to move
– if this is your first wallpapering project: pick a heavyweight wallpaper. This is easier to adjust once you put it on the glue!

We tried several spots in Mia her room to see which one fitted best, and this was the spot I preferred. At first I thought I could place it above the commode, but I didn’t like the way it looked. Because the panel is quite big, there was this one item towering above everything else. So we tried it next to her bed, and I think it looks really nice.

So thank you so much Famke, for the beautiful wallpaper!

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