Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

From baby cot to toddler bed

In the last few months my husband and I find ourselves debating wether Mia needs to have a new bed. I’ve asked about this on Instagram a while ago, but we still haven’t made up our minds yet. I know a lot of people switch from a baby to toddler bed around a 2nd birthday, but I’m still not sure. I am not a type of mom that follows strict rules, I always try to let my gut feeling tell me what to do. In this case it isn’t that clear and I finally figured out why.

All parents know that kids grow up so fast, like, lightning speed fast. This means that a lot of changes already need to be made in your kids life simply because they are growing. For instance: changing the stroller from pram to seat. In our case we had to do this pretty early, because our daughter refused to see the world from a laying-down point of view. Or the beautiful moses basket that I bought while I was pregnant, but turned out to be so inconvenient with night feedings so we had to get rid of it. In other words: a lot of changes you are forced into. And with this baby cot/toddler bed situation, I don’t feel we are forced yet. So if I take that any further; why would I want to force it myself, then? I don’t notice Mia is tired of her baby bed yet and she has all the time in the world to lay in a big girl bed still ahead of her.

What I did do is make some subtle changes to her room already. We bought a new chair for her that allows us better to read with her before bedtime, I wrote more on that HERE. I also switched the rug, because I saw this cute zebra rug at IKEA. And while I was laying it down on the floor in the store to take a good look at it, Mia started laying on it and saying she loved it. Okay kid, let’s buy it ♥

I wanted to have some more contrast in the room and this rug was perfect for it. I’m thinking about a canopy above the bed if we change into a toddler bed, to keep a little “nook” for Mia for comfort. So I guess, as usual, it’s a work in progress. Maybe I should ask Mia how she feels regarding a new bed, as she is growing into a toddler with a pretty strong opinion on things. Maybe this time I can use it to my advantage, I’ll keep you updated on the progress!

Thank you for reading!
x, Marrit

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