Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

HAY Little Nobody

If a mother is addicted to chairs, it’s inevitable that the kid starts her own chair collection, am I right? So yes, I am talking about myself. Chairs are my favourite interior item to buy and I’ve bought quite a view in the last years. Sold some as well, but the designer classics stayed. So, after I got our daughter Mia a Panton junior when I was pregnant (couldn’t resist), I thought the time was right for chair number 2. I’ve always had my eye on this Little Nobody Chair designed by HAY. I’m a lover of all things HAY and specifically HAY chairs. I love the use of materials and the simple design.

So chair number two is a fact, and she isn’t even two yet. The expression “two under two” gets a whole new meaning, if you catch my drift ;-) It’s just such a cute design by Komplot Design and what I love most about it is the following: it’s made from one hundred percent recyclable plastic converted into felt. Sustainability has been a bigger subject to me now I am a mom, so I love encouraging products like this. What I also like about it is that it’s soft and therefor has no potentially dangerous hard edges or loose parts. What more can we moms ask for?

So my original plan was to have it next to the Panton Junior as seen above, but it looks so cute as a “night stand” next to her bed.

This is probably the last blogpost of our daughters room where the walls are white, since I already ordered new paint for her room. I had a hard time picking a shade I liked, especially having to combine it with the mustardy ceiling. But I chose a shade of red and I’m hoping it will be a dark shade and a little brownish. Of course I will share the result when it’s done. Stay tuned! :)

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