Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

HK Living hanging chair – review fonQ.nl


Right before our holiday we received this hanging chair by this beautiful brand HKLiving, on our wishlist for the bébé’s room for a while. I wanted a comfortable chair there and eventually chose for a hanging chair instead of the more commonly chosen rocking chair. And doesn’t it look goooood?


I love the rattan color and the design of this chair, and feel it’s in the perfect place in this room. I love sitting here and just look around – I so love how the room is looking now.


I’ve considered a lot of options for this room but it had to be a comfortable one, that was the first priority. But I also try to think outside the box and therefor I felt we needed something different than a swinging chair.
This hanging chair is very comfortable to sit in, and the swinging makes it even more relaxing. I’ve added a sheepskin and a cushion for some extra comfort.


And an overall view of the room, thank you for reading!

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