Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Holidaying with a baby

I’ve already blogged about our holiday in Italy but I wanted to make it al little more personal and share my experience with holidaying with a baby. Our daughter Mia is 8 months old and it was her first time on a plane. And while I know it can be very stressful for parents, I’m sharing my tips with you today because we enjoyed it so much.

My everyday life contains a lot of babywearing so it was only natural for me to wear our baby on holiday as well! Our daughter is a busy lady, always on the move, so that can be a bit of a challenge. But the thing is she is completely calm when I wrap her. It makes it so easy to bring her anywhere. And so, while we had to leave in the middle of the night to catch our plane, we simply carried her and she slept all the way through the first part. She was awake during the flight, which made me a little anxious. You really don’t want to bother other passengers with a crying baby, am I right? But she was very happy and her hunger came right around the time of the flight so when she got a little restless I simply nursed her. The tip every parent gave me beforehand: feed your baby during liftoff. Perfect!

After the flight we had to travel a bit further by train and bus. My husband does like to carry our baby, but doesn’t like the wrapping part. So for him, we use a Marsupi. To be exact, we have a Marsupi Breeze which contains linen and therefor is perfect for warmer days. So if you’re afraid of the wrapping part like him, there are a lot of alternatives in carriers. Because Mia is growing out of this one, we are looking for a bigger alternative. Any thoughts from you maybe on that?

I prefer the Artipoppe wraps because they distribute the weight a lot better than a carrier which makes it more comfortable. This wrap is a blend with linen as well and it wasn’t warm at all. So comfort for mama and baby!

Smile and wave, he said :)

What I love most about babywearing is that you can still be flexible with a baby. We let her sleep where and when she wants. We could sit by the pool, go to dinner, visit a city, have a walk.

I think dinner time is a struggle for a lot of parents because usually the kids get tired at that time so they become restless. Parents have to deal with their children a lot more than they can enjoy the food. There is no fun in that, at all. And while my husband had to walk some rounds in between starter and main course, she slept, well, like a baby through the whole thing. I just love that she is able to be close to us as well as we can simply go on with our day as usual.

So. My trick for a great holiday with kids is mostly babywearing. Happy baby, happy life. Or, happy parents, happy baby.

One last picture, because I think it’s so cute <3 The hashtags on Instagram for babywearing are (amongst others) #keepthemclose and #handsfreehugs. You can see why :)

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