Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Mia’s room

A new addition to Mia’s room; this super cute set from IKEA! I played with the idea of adding something to her room for a long time, because it’s quite a spacious room and it’s such a shame if you have an empty space in the middle. I talked about this subject before in THIS post, where I tried out Mia’s bed in the middle of the room. And while I really liked that, I kept getting stuck in how I wanted to dress up the rest of the room. We are still searching for a new chair for her, but with the bed in the middle I ended up with too much empty space. So eventually I put the bed back where it was before, in the corner. This meant we had some room in the middle and we found the perfect match for it: this table and chairs.

We have this set for a few weeks now and I have to say it’s the cutest thing ever. Sometimes when we’re upstairs I suddenly hear Mia chatting in her room and when I peek through the door I see her sitting on the bench coloring, or reading in one of her books. Or sometimes my husband puts her panda bear in one of the chairs and she laughs hysterically when she finds out. Can you imagine that totally makes my mothers heart melt? ♥

This set is part of the YPPERLIG collection, where HAY designed items for IKEA. Our dining table coincidentally is also of this collection, you can see more of that HERE. IKEA offers a lot of options when it comes to kids’ tables and chairs, and we liked this one the most.

Because we couldn’t choose between a bench or chairs, we decided to do both. So one side has 2 chairs and the other side has the bench. I have to admit that Mia prefers sitting on the bench, I always find her on this side. So when I’m joining her for a book or drawing, I find myself sitting on those tiny chairs. Thank gosh my bum is still small ;-)

I’m so happy that this room is big enough for these additions because they already created so much fun. I love the idea of this room evolving from a “babies room” to a room for a growing toddler. Just like our daughter! Next on our to do-list; a toddler bed ♥

Thank you for reading!
x, Marrit

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