Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.


A while ago I read someone saying: “Motherhood is a constant battle of being proud of your kids new accomplishments and wanting them to stop growing”. So true!

Last week we had some family time and visited the petting zoo. Mia decided to stand on her own for the first time and I felt so proud. But (a happy) sad at the same time, because where did my baby go?

Don’t get me wrong, super proud. But I think all moms can relate when it comes to this topic. They are so small for such a short time. Our daughter is walking through the livingroom, opening closets and exploring everything. (remember this post? scroll down) She will be 1 in two months from today and I feel so happy being able to experience all of this.

And like any other mom, I love to watch her sleep. She prefers sleeping on her belly, when you lay her down she immediately rolls over. So when I was browsing through my photos to see which photo I wanted on a phone case I got to pick from Caseapp, when I came across this photo I knew that should be the one. My baby, forever and always :)

If you are looking for a personal phone or computer case, I have a 20% discount for you. Use code “MARRIT20” on the website of Caseapp. You can pick a personal photo but they also have a lot of beautiful designs ready to choose from.

2 thoughts on “Motherhood”

  • Ik dacht gisteren net hetzelfde. P is nu 5 maanden en verhuisde deze week naar haar eigen kamer (ze slaapt veel beter op zichzelf helaas), schuift de hele woonkamer door en wil een paar keer per dag “echt” eten.

    Het is opeens echt een kindje ipv een baby.

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