Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.


Today I have a great gift idea for you expecting moms: a poster from MrStarsky. This poster shows the position of the stars the minute your baby is born. Isn’t that amazing?

I came across this poster via Instagram and not only thought it was lovely for our daughter Mia, but it’s a perfect gift as well, don’t you think? So if you or a loved one is having a baby, keep this in mind. I’m sure the mom will love the idea of this personal poster!

The colors of this poster will match every bébé’s room and they’re available in 3 sizes so there will always be a size that fits. I chose 50×70, their biggest option but Mia’s room is quite big so I felt this was the best option for this room.

The illustrated animals as seen below the stars, are the 5 constellations that centered the specific sky. In our case: a giraffe, a small bear, a big bear, a lynx and a dragon. A great way to teach your kid about animals, as they grow older. I love the thought that went into this!

I love our personalized poster and I’m sure our daughter will find it fascinating as well as she grows older! For me it’s a beautiful reminder of a minute that I am sure I will never forget :)

The mobile above Mia’s bed is a DIY, I’ve written a blogpost about this earlier and the link to this post can be found HERE. If you want to see more of this beautiful vintage persian rug click HERE and the storage basket can be found HERE. I always receive a lot of questions about the commode, sadly it’s vintage so I can’t give you a shopping link. I bought it at the thrift store and we painted it, the color we used is called “Kiezelgroen” (it’s a grayish green).

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