Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Nursery makeover (with video!)

Today is a very exciting day for me. I’ve just uploaded MY FIRST VIDEO ON YOUTUBE! Oh my, I’m all excited. So, let’s start at the beginning.

The 3rd of february we painted Mia’s room. From an all-white room to a red one. I really wanted something different and felt those white walls didn’t match the rest of our house anymore. So after a lot of thinking, I decided on the color “Bronze Red” by Little Greene. And so we did! We filmed that day on camera because I wanted to do YouTube for over a year now. I realized that by doing video I could share a lot more, it’s a perfect way to tell more of a story then just by photos. A little more “behind the scenes”, you could say. And while I am a photographer at heart, that felt like a lot of fun. So after a year of debating, my first video is up!

Make sure to view it HERE. Oh and while you’re at it, make sure to subscribe to my channel if you want to follow my account and get updated on new videos!

But next to a video of course I had to do a blogpost with the final result of the room. After we’ve cleaned up the mess, aired out the paint smell and I’ve completed the styling, things got lots of fun. Let me give you a tour.

I wanted to go for a warm color, that would fit the current furniture and ceiling. Finding the perfect shade of red wasn’t easy! I wanted it to feel warm and cosy, a little rusty you could say. I didn’t want a bright red, it had to be a lot warmer. And because I didn’t feel like painting the ceiling, it had to fit that yellow/beige ceiling, next to the grey/green furniture. So after some test samples, Bronze Red by Little Greene was our final pick. And of course it really scared me seeing those first red paint strokes on the wall, I really love the result. The room is much more cosy now and what I love about colored walls: the white window and door frames pop out so beautifully now.

Next to the wall color this asked for a little more changes. I switched the old vintage rug for this berber-like rug. Much softer on the eye. I love rugs as they add a lot of cosiness to any room!

And of course the swing stayed as well, Mia loves it.

What I love about colored rooms is that the color is different in every corner. In the photo above with the swing the color looks very brownish, while it’s very red in the first photo. Depending on the light and the color, which makes a room so much more interesting than plain white. I’m all for colored walls now, who would’ve thought?

So I’m all excited and at the same time so scared of what the response will be on my first video. But I’m very happy I pulled through and just see if I’ll like it enough to keep doing it. Thank you so much for watching and enjoying this adventure with me <3

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