Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Storage for your bébé’s room


I have been warned many times before by moms that with kids – you have a lot of stuff. Since they are the experts I decided to listen very carefully and add some storage units to our bébé’s room. The webshop House of Products offered some beautiful products and I’ll show you my choices today!


This beautiful basket is by Nobodinoz and I just love it. The design is beautiful and I chose a soft color like sand but they also have some brighter options if you’re into that. It can store a lót of stuff, like toys. Definitely pretty enough to lay around your livingroom, as well.


I’ve also added these beautiful paper bags to store some stuff. Very budget friendly (from €7,50 to €17,50 for the big one) and big enough to keep those ugly (but necessary) items out of sight.


On the floor is a large version, on the shelf a medium.


The grey color fits in perfectly with the rest of the room, so a perfect combination of practical and pretty, my fave p’s! :)

So House of Products is a webshop worth a visit (and not only for baby’s!), visit their shop HERE and their Instagram HERE.

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