Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Swinging away

This last summer I ordered a swing for our daughter, and she absolutely loves it. Every kid loves the swing, right? This blogpost is the absolute best of two worlds: Mia was enjoying herself very much in the swing, and I got to play with the shutter time on my camera.

As a matter of fact, the swing was the perfect place to play with shutter time. Because of the movement you have a lot of possibilities! You can freeze the image and show a happy face, or use a longer shutter time and make the motion visible. We were having fun!

This swing is by Done by Deer and I ordered it at Ik ben zo mooi. Like I said we bought it during the summer and had it hanging in our garden. But with colder days coming, I thought it was such a waste to simply store the swing, so I decided to hang it in her room! This way it will get used during the winter months as well.

This picture I posted last summer, in our garden. Yep, she loves the swing :)

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