Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

The unexpected results of parenthood pt ||

Being a parent is a big experience – this new person in life needing you 100%, learning so much and loving even more. And we all know the cliches: they grow up too fast, you learn to love like you’ve never loved before, #teamnosleep and so on. But being a mom for 14 months now I’ve learned there are some unexpected stuff they don’t tell you about. So I thought I do, and this is part 2. Part 1 can be found HERE. 5 unexpected results of parenthood:

– Wrongly setting up the baby monitor
We have a baby monitor with camera: a must-buy if you ask me. It’s so easy to simply check the monitor when she makes a noise to see if she’s awake or simply rolling over, etcetera. But damn, setting that thing is HARD! I always do it wrong, so there is a spot of her bed that’s missing from the frame. And what do you know, Mia always ends up there. I try to position it as good as I can, but I always end up missing a spot.

– Learning so much without being aware of it
Okay, remember those times when you didn’t have kids yet, and a friend did? And you were blown away by all this knowledge she had? Like how many milk they needed, the size of their clothes and the development they were going through at what age? I know I did. And now I know all these things myself and a 1000 things more. Being a parent makes you learn subconsciously.

– That your heart can change size
Okay, this one is not entirely true. But I am not wrong that it can feel like this. The first time your child gives you a kiss your heart swells up like a full-blown balloon. It is amazing. Or that first time your kid starts walking. Oh man ♥

– Learning to trust your intuition
I’ve always been quite an intuitive person, but becoming a mom made me even more. There is nothing more important if you are a parent then trusting your gut. Despite all the advice random people give you; there is no handbook when it comes to raising your child. Only you know what’s best for them, as their parent. So help yourself and trust your gut feeling.

– Making your kids do tricks
I always said that I wouldn’t be one of those moms that made their kids do tricks, but I totally am. Our daughter Mia recently learned to put the correct shapes in the boxes (you know those toys) and I am totally making her do this when we have people over. Boo me! Side note to defend myself a little: I only do this when family comes over. I am hoping they can forgive me, because they love her just as much as we do.

So, my take on the unexpected things of being a parent. This is part 2 and I’m sure part 3 will follow later!

Oh Mia ♥

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