Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

The unexpected results of parenthood

Becoming a parent is a big experience – this new person in life needing you 100%, learning so much and loving even more. And we all know the cliches: they grow up too fast, you learn to love like you’ve never loved before, #teamnosleep and so on. But being a mom for almost a year now (hold me, my baby is almost 1!) there are some unexpected stuff they don’t tell you about. So I thought I do. Edit: I’ve written part 2 as well, it can be found HERE.

5 unexpected result of parenthood:

– Random people start talking to you
It took me 6 months to realize that those people talking in the street were talking to me or – in particular – our daughter. When you have kids you get a lot of response. At first I never realized their words were meant for us so they probably thought I was pretty rude, not replying. But I really had to get used to the fact that when you walk on the street with a bébé, people start talking to you. But please keep doing it, I like it!

– An excuse to talk to yourself
I am one of those people that has conversations with herself. Yes, like whole conversations from start to finish. But when I’m in public I repress this urge and stay quiet. But having a bébé is the perfect excuse to talk to herself – and then pretending you’re talking to your baby. So if you see me walking in the supermarket saying out loud we still need to get spaghetti and then we’re done, that means I brought my excuse – I mean baby.

– People judging your parent skills
To be honest, I haven’t experienced this a lot. Basically only once this happened and it made me really uncomfortable. Let’s all agree that if some other parent does something you don’t agree with, only share your opinion with them if it’s extremely dangerous. Thank you, sincerely, from all parents.

– The awkward situations where your kid is staring at people
But we envy them, right? We all sometimes want to check someone out, but we learnt to surpress this since it isn’t very neat to do so. But imagine yourself with your baby in front of you on the bicycle, waiting for the bridge to close. Or in the line of the supermarket. A lot of people surrounding you and your baby keeps staring at the person next to you. And they say hi to your baby but your kid does nothing, except staring. Man, that can be awkward.

– Finding your own kid hilarious
I’ve experienced this with other parents before I was a mom but it’s true – you think your kid is hilarious. I find myself laughing out loud at her several times a day for doing something completely normal. Forgive us :)

So, my take on the unexpected result of parenthood. I’m thinking about writing more about my life as a mom so I’m sure a “to be continued” is in order! And did you read my “how to renovate with a baby” post already?

My toothless baby ♥

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