Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Working on Mia’s room

Our daughter is turning 1 this Saturday, which means I am not allowed to call her my baby anymore, but I should start referring to her as my toddler. I don’t know if I am ready for that, but let’s not go into that :) I did see it as a perfect opportunity to give her bedroom a little make-over with some new kids room accessories. I am working on a little project as well, which I hope I can debut this week as well. For now; let’s introduce these two new friends!

Meet Billy Bear, a line designed by Trine Andersen for Ferm Living. I just love the design of this, and the funny thing is our daughter loves it as well. When I opened up this package I was expecting her to be more interested in the box, but she started laughing at the cushion and music mobile. As a matter of fact, I loved the cushion so much it even spent some time on our couch. Don’t you just love it when kids design is pretty enough for the livingroom?

Billy Bear makes for a perfect friend next to the bunny we always have laying around in our daughters bed :)

And for a long time I found myself searching for a hanging item above the commode, next to the brown elephant. This music mobile has a loop on it so I found my match!

We used this Moses basket only for a very short time, after Mia was born we found out it was a lot more practical to have Mia sleeping in the co-sleeper without this basket. It does however work as a photoshoot prop from time to time, cause it’s so beautiful! For this blogpost I decided to collect some of my favorite things for our daughter. Her new shoes, care products, her first birthday outfit. It all matches so well and that makes me so happy!

So like I said before in this post, I am working on a little extra for Mia’s room. A friend of mine gave me some leftover wallpaper and I have a great idea for it. Hoping to finish it this week, to be continued!

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